Head Coach:
Julie Reilly

”Life is a grand journey no matter what is dealt to us. Go out, make a difference, in the end you want to proclaim Wow! What a ride!”

Coach Reilly lives in the Midwest with husband and 3 children.  A multiple sports family; participation swimming, baseball, softball, football, skeet-shooting, dancing, gymnastics and horses, as well as spending time camping and hiking.  Although Julie has years of multiple sport disciplines; she devotes the majority of her time in the swimming world.   

She is a certified USA Swim Swimming swim coach with Missouri Valley and brings 23+ years of competitive coaching experience.  She is the Head Age-Group
Coach for Team Swim Academy, coaching over 200 year-round combined levels of swimmers, predominately ages 6 to 24.  She has coached multiple swimming levels: National, International, Collegiate, Senior, Advanced-Age Groups, Novice, Masters and a range of swimmers who have a disability.  Her swimming experience also includes Open Water Swimming and Diving. 

Summer brings more coaching responsibilities as head coach, with an additional 200+ recreational swimmers for the city’s summer swim program.  On top of her year-round competitive and summer programs, she is also involved in helping the local Boy Scout troops with their requirements in passing swimming, lifesaving and first aid.  She also has dipped into Infant Aquatics Swimming and one-on-one learning.

Her 30 years in Sports Medicine, has brought her a variety of athletes, from the amateur to the pro, for biomechanics improvement, enhanced sport performance and injury treatment.  Her medical background led her on to the board of a therapeutic riding center for physical and cognitive challenged individuals.  

Since then she has over 15 years of coaching disability swimmers, incorporating them all into mainstream competitive swimming. She has coached for Special Olympics and in 2015 she was approached to help the athletes with Down syndrome so they could attend international competitions with a certified coach.  She volunteered her time and stepped into the Head Coaching position for the USA Down Syndrome National Swim Team.

In 2016 she coached USA National Down Syndrome Swimming Team in Florence, Italy. In 2018, she traveled to Nova Scotia, Canada to coach the largest USA Down Syndrome National Swimming Team. The team had its best finish ever of 9th in the world. She continues to support USA Down Syndrome Swimming (USADSS) and in 2018 became the DSISO Head of Delegation.

In 2019 she joined USA Down Syndrome Swimming, Inc. (USADSS) as Technical Director to further the USADSS purpose. She continues, as Head Coach for the USA National Down Syndrome Team, with future upcoming international competitions in Sardinia and Turkey.  Also in 2019, AWL (Athletes Without Limits) added her to the coaching staff as an Assistant Coach for the INAS Global Games in Brisbane, Australia. 

Other swimming credits include:

  • 2019 Missouri Valley Nominee for Coach of the Year.

  • 2019 Central Zone Multi Cultural Team Coach.

  • 2016- to Current National Age Group Coach for TSA.

  • 2015 Trained local IRONMAN Triathletes for the 2.4-mile swim. 

  • 2014 Missouri Valley Nominee for Coach of the Year.

  • 2013 Allstar Coach for MV Allstar Team.

  • 2012 Central Zone Coach for MV Zone Team.

  • 2012 MV Open Water Coach 

  • 2009 Volunteered at the Local YMCA, to build their non-competitive swim team


Team Manager: Sandra Sanguinetti

“Sandra’s life goal is to help every Down Syndrome swimmer have an opportunity to reach their full potential on their own merit.”

Sandra’s life goal is to help every Down Syndrome swimmer have an opportunity to reach their full potential on their own merit. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina; Sandra moved to the US in 1997 and settled in Coral Springs, Florida. She married Hector and has three children: Mariana (33), Diego (28) and Gabriel (27). A sports orientated family, involved in Alpine skiing, swimming, cycling, tennis and horseback riding for 50+ years. Sandra is fluent in Spanish, Italian and English. She obtained a college degree in Administration and Computer System Analysis. She developed a career as a Decorative Painter and simultaneous a translator and the Hispanic Group Manager at the Decorative Painter’s convention from 1993 to 2004.  She was a Travel Field Hockey and Alpine Skiing Team Planner from 1990-1997. She was also on the Board of Directors that created the Weston Field Hockey Club in South Florida, and she has been a Planner for a Travel Group since 1995.

In 2006 she began “her mission and life in swimming”.  Her son Diego was born with Down Syndrome and she wanted him to learn how to swim WITH CORRECT TECHNIQUES. Diego already knew how to swim under water. Sandra explains, “I was told he would never be able to swim with proper technique, or on a team, because of his diagnosis and so, began my mission to prove the nay-sayers wrong”.  She began studying every rule, regulation and policy of swimming and learned all the different techniques and swimming strokes. It didn’t take long and Diego learned to swim. Her next obstacle was finding swim coaches that believe in his ability and would accept Diego as part of a local swim team to further is abilities. Her persistence paid off and ultimately Diego became strong and fast enough to qualify for the 2012, 2014 and 2016 USA Down Syndrome National Swim Teams and participate in the World Down Syndrome Swimming Championships.

2008 her life streamlined in helping promote partnerships between swimmers with Down Syndrome, swimmers with disabilities, their families, the swimming community of Florida Gold Coast, and the USA Swimming Disability Committee. She also began her advocacy and attendance at the Southeastern Local Swim Committee Board of Directors’.

Her philanthropic involvements connected her to resources that would lead her into the Down Syndrome International Swimming Organisation (DSISO). Shortly thereafter, she became a delegate at the DSISO General Assembly for Team USA, a position that she currently still holds.  Sandra’s strong connections within the Sports Union for Athletes with Down Syndrome Org., (SU-DS), members from 47 countries, and her outspoken interaction at the General Assemblies have put Team USA on the right track in building a dominant USA Down Syndrome swimming force.  Today Sandra’s credentials continue to build.

  • 2009: Special Olympics Coach for swimming, alpine skiing, and cycling. Later she became a certified Tier 3 Level coach.

  • 2010-current:   Liaison to USA Swimming Disability Committee for the Swimmers with Down Syndrome and Team USA

  • 2012-current:  Team USA Liaison to DSISO

  • 2012: Assistant Head of Delegation, Loano, Italy 

  • 2014- current: Involved with Team Management of  Special Olympics for Broward County.

  • 2014: Team Manager, Morelia Mexico.

  • 2014: Launched the Down Syndrome Swimming Team USA Facebook page to link other Down Syndrome athletes throughout the USA.

  • 2015: She started her journey to obtain her teaching instructor USA Alpine Skiing Disability Certification in Breckenridge, CO.

  • 2016: Team Manager and Head of Delegation, Florence Italy.

  • 2016: USA Masters Swimming Member.

  • 2017: Applied for USA Swimming Non-Athlete Membership.

  • 2018: USA Swimming Member.  

  • 2018: Team Manager for USA Down Syndrome National Swim Team, Truro Canada.

  • 2018-current: USADSS Board of Directors . 

  • 2019: USA Down Syndrome National Swim Team Manager, Sardinia, Italy.

  • 2019: Preparation for USA Down Syndrome National Swim Team’s attendance in Antalya, Turkey 2020.